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Super Punch (26 x 5')

In Development

What makes you a hero? is it the cape, the looks, or the fearless attitude to fight crime? Nahhh, none of those. it's the SUPER gloves!

Everyone training at the power gym knows how to control their super gloves....well, everyone except Pitt Power. He tries his best to be a real super hero, but his gloves give him the most random and weird powers everytime he hits a punch.


Cocoland (13 x 5')

Co-produced with Animagine Studios

Five different and inseparable little friends will learn how to handle their differences by create games and making fun discoveries in their caribean home town.


Kip Van Creepy - Delivery Boy (6 x 3')

Commisioned by Dreamworks TV

The good news for Kip Van Creep is that he got his first gig. The bad news is he was hired as a delivery boy in the spookiest place on earth. As the only human around he delivers pizza to hungry and scary monsters all over town.


Terror in Doomsville (1 x 22')

Acquired by Cartoon Network Latin America

Are you in the mood for a good horror story? Well the truck drivers from Doomsville can help you with that! “Terror in Doomsville” tells the terrifying but fun mishaps of 4 truckers, who suffer at the expense of a terrible monster haunting the people of Doomsville.A Halloween Special written by the renowned Tommy Donbavand, writer of horror books for children and creator of Scream Street series, produced by BBC.


Triple Travis (1 x 90')

Movie In Development

Life was complicated for the very shy Travis Tripleton! Making new friends, participating in class, or even socializing at lunch time was not so easy for him. But that was before he created his Tripleton bracelete! Now is much worse! Travis is now Triple and his two other personalities are his totally opposites. This mix can only mean trouble!

Kelvin Magnetic - The Voltakid (13 x 11')

Acquired by Discovery Kids EMMA

The universe is full of evil super villains and only an intergalactic super hero named Voltakid is capable of stopping them and saving the universe. Together with this best pal Flux, and his bright minded grandpa Dr. Magnetic, Kelvin will find the most ridiculous and totally absurd ways to save the day.


Yum Yum and You (78 x 5')

Acquired by Comcast's Kidstream in USA

Living on Planet Nuf, the planet of adorable, pastel-coloured Cyclops, Yum Yum and his sister Dyvi, encounter lots of challenges as they explore their world...kittens stuck in apple trees, naughty little monkeys at the zoo, teamwork on tandems, dealing with dentists ( even though they're not quite sure what a dentist is!)