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A Christmas with Yum Yum (1 x 26')

Distributed by Awol Animation

Five magical stories to enchant family audiences as Yum Yum prepares for Christmas together with his family and friends – letter writing to Santa, decorating the tree, and even helping Santa’s elves get ready for their big trip!

Outopus (52 x 2')

Co-produced with Estudio Flex

A slapstick comedy about five octopus friends, confined to living in a boring fish tank, watching the ocean from their window. They spend their time planning all sorts of crazy escapes. Will they ever be free?.


My Cat is a Cop (26 x 3')

In Development

The wacky adventures of the best cop ever and his security guard friend… only that this is no regular cop. You may have heard of cat burglars, but this will be the first time you ever hear about a cat cop.

Ivick Von Salza (52 x 2')

Acquired by Disney Japan & BBC Kids Canada

The fun never stops with this Slapstick comedy series that follows the adventures of Ivick, his dad Vigoras and his pink pig pet, Malta. Snow crocodiles, Yetis, and all kinds of wacky creatures make life in the snowy mountains as amazing as possible for Ivick.


Big Sam (52 x 1')

In Development

Every day is a new adventure for Jim and his big dog Sam. Together they will discover and learn in the nature in this lovely short form series.